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Christian Music

Well well Well.  Christian Music.  I bet you are thinking, "Oooohhhhh, grrrrreat, he is talking about those slow boring Gospel Songs".   Okay, maybe you are not thinking that but for those of you who are, you are wrong.  

R & B

    5 Young Men.jpg

          Artist - 5 Young Men 

soundtrack by.... come on you can guess, 5 young men.  I believe   they are all brothers.  The soundtrack is awesome.  If you like R & B, you will like this.  Plus its music that gets your spiritual self wanting to dance.


Soundtrack - We Got Next  

          Artist - Winans Phase2

Also a new addition to my collection, Winans Phase2 is an R&B album (in my book at least) that is off the hook. It's message is clear in every song. One of the songs I like the best is "It's Alright (Send Me)". The message of that song is basically this: Lord, if no one wants to go, it's alright Lord. Send me.

    Out of Eden.jpg

Soundtrack - No Turning Back  

          Artist - Out of Eden

Hmmmm, this is hard to classify. It sounds like it could be R&B, and it also sounds like it could be HipHop. I don't know, you decide, get the album, its tiiiight. The first song is awesome by the way. It is entitled, "Lookin for Love". It's message is to look for the love that has always been, that is the love God has for you. And to look for this love instead of "looking for love in all the wrong places." Its message is deep, and awesome to listen to.

Praise & Worship

   ns9969[1].jpg (134997 bytes)

Soundtrack - Nitro Praise Live 6   

          Artist - NSoul Records

Nitro Praise has numerous Soundtracks out.  The one I have is Nitro Praise Live 8.  It is tight.  Nothing better than praise music to light the fire of rejoicing in God in you.  This Soundtrack is packed with different styles -- Techno, Beatboxing, Reggae, Hip Hop.  I don't know the contents of Nitro Praise's other Soundtracks but I would assume they are just as hot.  nitro praise

RAP & HipHop

That's right, there is Christian Rap music.  It's awesome.   Basically any genre of music you can find out in world, there will be a christian genre.

    Raiderz of tha Lost

Soundtrack - Prepare for tha Spillage  

          Artist - Raiderz of tha Lost

This Soundtrack is phat.  In fact, I am listening to it right now.   Music is bumpin and I am hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.

    Bruthaz Grimm

Soundtrack - Letter 2 Tha Bruthaz  

          Artist - Bruthaz Grimm

Also tiiiight.  The message in every song is profound.  The lyrics are tight and the music is hot.

    D63069GPEU8.jpg (3348 bytes)

Soundtrack - Grammatical Revolution

          Artist - GRITS  

Yeah, you know what I am going to say.  I am sorry but all these soundtracks are awesome.  Tight Tight Tight.


Soundtrack - The Action Figure

          Artist - Knowdaverbs  

One of the newest in my collection, and I must say one of da Best. The hiphop in these tracks are awesome, the beats are bumpin, the lyrics are tight, and the list goes on. If you are in to hiphop, this is one to get.


Soundtrack - The Syllabus

          Artist - Knowdaverbs  

This, I believe, is Knowdaverbs first album. I bought this today actually, so it is newer in my collection than the album up top. Both are tight. I like the newest album a little better though. But like I said before, the beats are phat, the lyrics are sweet, and its hiphop. Chickittycheck it out.

    Lil Raskull.jpg

Soundtrack - The Day After

          Artist - Lil' Raskull  

Lil' Raskull apparently has many albums out, but this is the first one I've got. It's more along the lines of Rap. And I must say, its pretty nice. The first song is great. It's entitled, "Who's The Greatest?" You know who he is referring right? The Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the One and Only, God Almighty.... "WHO'S THE GREATEST!!!"

    Stacie Orrico.jpg

Soundtrack - Genuine

          Artist - Stacie Orrico  

I would have to classify this as HipHop. She is pretty good. I think she is about 16 or something, I'm not sure exactly. But anyway, her message through her music is strong. It is awesome to see that she is leading an example for her high school peers to follow. Not necessarily making tracks, but living for God, the one and only.


  So, as you can see, the message of Jesus Christ can come out in all forms.  There is even music that fits your different personalities.  And, believe me, if you are like me and like playin your music loud in your car, these soundtracks will blow your speakers.  If you have a system in your ride, you can blast this stuff, and those speakers will push and drop the beat like any other music.  

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