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Da GuEstBoOk YO!



So, You Wanna Know About Me Eh?

Christianity.  Yup, thats number one.  God is number one in my life.  Without Him, I could do nothing.  Without  Him, the blessings I have received would not have been.  Jehovah is my eternal Father and His son Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life, and my savior.  my faith    music   Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (MIT)  


Dragonball Z.  Heeeck Yeeaaahh!!!!  DBZ is my favorite show.  Whenever I turn on the tv to watch, it is either to watch DBZ or the Simpsons. Hopefully soon I will get some DBZ pics up in this piece for ya.  

Click the Middle Pic

       trunks1b-1.jpg (23171 bytes)ftrunks5.jpg (45565 bytes)TRUNKS1pw.jpg (51226 bytes)

   This is Trunks -- my favorite character although not the strongest. The pic on the left is when he first turns super saiyan after seeing his mentor, Gohan, killed by Androids 17 and 18.  The one on the right is when he is older, as you can see, and at level ssj2.  I believe he was fighting Cell <-- one bad mofo.


Here is a special edit done by one of my dawgs -- Ian

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Wrestling.  Definitely my best sport.  NO, not the wrestling  yall watch on tv.  Pro wrestling aint nothin like the real thing.  My fellow wrestlers know what I'm talking about.  NO sport I have ever played pushed me to the limit as much as wrestling has.  It is the optimal get in shape while kickin someone else's butt sport.  I'd like to give a shout out to my coach, 3rd in the world, the one, the only, Coach Schenck.

pat&weed.jpg (12830 bytes)

This is me (left) and my fellow wrestler Justin Weed (right). This was early 1999. I was 121 pounds after cutting weight. The most I've ever had to cut was 14lbs. 


American Jiu Jitsu.  A step above wrestling, this is where true pain emerges, heh heh. See, it's aspects includes grappling. In grappling, you are no longer looking for the pin, you are looking for submission. Not only that, Jiu Jitsu also includes standup combat and weapons combat... OOOOHH YEAAAHHH!!!! Check out my Jiu Jitsu page as well as the MIT American Jiu Jitsu Club.

American Jiu Jitsu @ MIT      My Jiu Jitsu Page

American Jiu Jitsu @ MIT (left) My Jiu Jitsu Page (right) 


Comics.   Deadpool. That is all i gotta say.  Deadpool is my dawg.  He is witty, a little insane, has a bad lookin outfit, healing factor -- an all around herovillian.  Read the comic and you will understand the word herovillian.

pool5.jpg (26187 bytes)


Video Games.  If there is nothing to do, I can always tear it up on a video game system.  Even if there is stuff to do, I'll tear it up on a game system.  I love RPG's and Fighting games.  I have yet to meet someone who can beat me consistently in Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the playstation.   Playstation 2 should be coming out in September for yall who wanna know.   Pre-ordering is a goooood idea 'cuz i know this system is going to sell fast -- especially because of its backward's compatibility.    

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The Rest.  Computer Science (my major), mechanical engineering type stuff, architecture and drafting, free drawing, breaking stuff, running, playing sports, break dancing, gymnastics stuff (forward rolling and such -- i gotta learn how to flip), etc, etc --- the list goes on, its practically endless.