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    Is very loooong.  There are over 200 episodes in the Dragonball Z saga alone.  There is the Dragonball series, the Dragonball Z series, and the Dragon Ball GT series.  The episodes being shown on cartoon network are those from the Z series.  Anway, back to the story. 

    Goku (the guy in the middle holdong the bo) was sent to Earth to destroy it as a young child.  See, he is a Saiyan. The Saiyans were a warrior race.  All of them are very strong.  Their occupation -- clear planets of resistance and life and ready it for retail.  So Goku came to Earth and this is where the Dragonball series kicks in.  Having that I have not seen this series, I can only give you a brief synopsis.  Someone named Gohan found Goku and took him in.   He raised the little kid and was suprised at the mighty midget's super strength.   Well one day Goku had an accident and bumped his head causing him to forget who he was and his mission.  He became a good guy then (although he was still a kid)   He had various adnventures and met his life long friends Krillin, Bulma, and others. 

    Dragonball Z is the best of the three series and the longest.  Goku still does not know his true heritage.  However he is a grown man with a wife, Chi Chi, and a son, Gohan.  He named his son after his "father".  A visiter from outer space comes, Raditz.  This is a Saiyan.  He came to check on the progress of Kakarot (this is Goku's Saiyan name).   He is suprised to see the planet teaming with life (although everything his scanner detected were superbly weak).   (to be continued)