Tuesday - Wednesday (25th - 26th) 


    Tuesday the 25th -- Okay, bright and early yet again.  I had to walk allll the way to Radio Shack in the snow to get a mere switch early in the morning.  It was worth it though because the switch made our shooter that much better.  Today we made the rest of the connectors and painted them.  Albert and I finished the design of the electrical components of the shotter and put the thing together.  It is almost complete.   The shooter is excellent.  It launches the prototype ball with great speed.   The stands were also being constructed today.  They are almost complete too.   We worked from 11am-5pm with a few interruptions in construction.  At 8pm we met again and worked on the group webpage, presentation, and patent.  The presentation is Friday so time is very tight.  These last things are the boring part in a sense.  It is not as exciting as the designing and construction. 

    Wednesday the 26th -- Bright and early went we to the shop.   Bright and early, cranky and tired.  We worked, we slaved, and we finished construction. Shooter and stands, connecters and tubing, all are done, now just fine tuning.  Presentation and patent, web page and product testing are all that remain.   We meet again at three to continue the game.....   Everybody arrived and we continued work on the presentation.  Having seen each other all day, tempers began to rise as we continued to meet till 8:00pm.  In this time, each member received a part of the presentation to discuss.  After this time, four group members remained to continue work on the actual prototype.  Well, the rule "If it can go wrong, it will", took full effect and full advantage of our predicament.  Problems upon problems emerged including the constant displacement of the prototype ball and battery.   The accelerator itself began to annoy us as well.  At one point, one of the engines ceased to work!!  However, all is well again by the time it became 12:45 am.   By this time only two group members had remained.  We finalized some aspects of the prototype and broke company in anticipation of our mock presentation on Thursday morning at 9:30am.  One minor repair must still be made on the accelerator and all should be well.

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