Friday - Monday (21st - 24th) 


    Friday the 21st -- One word --> whoa.  We are gettin down to the wire and today we met from 10:00am till 6:00pm (well i had to come back to my fraternity, DKE, by six; my team kept meeting).   Professor Slocum is still psyched about our toy and gave us even more ideas of improvement.  Each group member presented their section of the development to Slocum.   My part was in conjunction with Alberto.  We presented the various shooter ideas and sketches and we also presented the connectors (dont worry, soon i will have the product sketches and more detailed information up, just need to take care of some technicalities first).   After the meeting, we split off into teams of two and continued work on separate aspects of the project.  Albert and I began construction of the shooter at the machine shop.  The little thing was harder than we expected and sooo we had to overcome some design problems.  We then met with our team again at 2:00pm to go over what everyone had been doing and to clear up other problems.    Our tubing was coming in at 3:00 pm.  Albert and I went back to the machine shop and, as usual, got distracted with making somethin else (sorry cant help it, building stuff is awesome). We started making a prototype connector.  With the aid of the machine shop experts, we found some good material and narrowed down our choices of construction to a good solid design.  The prototype worked perfectly, now we just have to mass produce 15 of them.  The machine shop closed at 5 and our team met yet again.  This time we had the tubing.  In this meeting we resolved who was doing what, how, when, and where.  Plus we chilled a little a bit, poked fun at each other, you know what i mean.

    Saturday the 22nd -- Well.... do you remember when I said I had to go back to my fraternity by six on Friday?   I'm still here.

    Sunday the 23rd --  The team had met at 8am and I was able to join them at 2:00pm.  They had all the pieces of our toy all bent into shape and such (I have a good team, I like my team, my team is tight and self-motivated).   About an hour later Alberto, Diana, and I went shopping for more materials. 

    Monday the 24th -- Well, we were at the machine shop bright and early.  We worked and worked and worked.  The prototype is almost complete. It's awesome.  The connectors work.   The shooter (although not yet complete) works.  It's tight. I can't wait for the prototype to be finished.  Meanwhile, the machine shop closed at 5pm so we decided to break and reconvene at 8pm.  Everything today has been construction so far. 

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