Tuesday - Thursday (18th - 20th) 


    My team's project is well underway.  We think it is patent worthy and a toy/game many age groups would purchase.  At the beginning we merely brainstormed, visited stores, and formulated ideas. 

    On Tuesday the 18th of January, we critically viewed a total of 9 ideas.   After careful scrutiny, we narrowed them down to three (since we had to meet with Professor Slocum the next day with three and only three ideas).  We were extremely psyched about two of the ideas and even more about one idea.  Sketches were drawn up about specific parts, accesories, etc., and we defined some functional requirements, and resolved some design parameters

    On Wednesday the 19th, we met with Professor Slocum and a representative from United Technologies.  Needless to say, the Professor and representative were excited over our idea and proceeded to share some of their knowledge from experience with us.  They gave us some ideas we didnt think about and ways of improvement on our other ideas.   After that meeting the team met again and drew up some more sketches.  We separated the project into sections and assigned them to group members.  

    Thursday the 20th --   The team met at 9:30 am to share ideas and plan the rest of the day.  Basicaly we  worked on the team webpage and planned on visiting the Museum of Science to perform surveys and market research  (too bad it was closing when we got there).   The Museum is tight.  There are all kinds of kool stuff there.  But anyway, we then went to the Galleria (a mall) and exploited our survey there.  All the comments we received were positive.  We even gained price estimates on our idea.   The best was when we came up to some random kid and asked them some questions.   See, we got valuable information, but what was kind of funny was the reaction of the parental units when they discovered their young one talking to a bunch of college kids.  Tomorrow we meet with Professor Slocum again, and our supplies come in at 3:00pm.  Finally we get to begin construction!!!!

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