Day 2:  Monday the 7th 

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Here lies our command center. The Handy Board (leftmost) came assembled. We only had to make a slight modification. The IR Beacon (upper right) we constructed in lab. It boasts 4 IR receivers and 4 IR transmitters, not too mention a ton of other circuit components (little bugger was quite complicated and MAD compact!). The Expansion Board (middle bottom) we also constructed in lab. It boasts 6 IC's, female connectors and male connectors, shorts, batter pack connector, etc. These components are on both sides of the board. The Mishap: If you look closely at the Expansion Board, you will notice that all the IC's are soldered directly too the board.... Can be VERY bad... you know, if one of them burns out in the middle of the competition....

Derek here holding on to the on board computer (all the above components plugged into each other, turning into a well developed unit capable of things unknown....)

Derek and On Board Computer


Patrick plugging in the charger to the AC adapter

Close Ups

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