Autonomous Robot Design


This is a program I am now enrolled in during the independent activites period (IAP) at MIT.  This program is PHAT --- in other words --- this program is an intense, ludicrously fast paced, mind blowing course where ingenuity, creativity, design, team unity, and a will of steel can lead to immense discovery and a robust robot.... not to mention sound pounding of the competition! It is about 4 weeks long. So what is it? In short, we design a fully autonomous robot out of legos, circuits, sensors, engines, and programming. We are talking on board computer, 60 seconds of mayhem, victory.... and tons and tons of lego. Excited yet?


Da Squad


Derek Harris     Alberto Garcia     Patrick Menard


Da Captains

Erica H Peterson      Jon Lee      Jim      Javed


Da Mission

    This year, the teams must design an autonomous chicken......  Yeah, that's right, I said chicken. See, apparently we are in the not to distanst future where everything is autonomous... except da chickens. They are running rampant. Our objective is to design an autonomous chicken that can take over. There are approximately 60 teams. The battle field is a table. Opposing teams can choose one location of four to place an obstacle in the enemy's path. The objective is to score the most points by gettng your eggs into the chutes. The higher your eggs in the chute, the more points you get.  


Da Arsenal

    Feast Your Eyes..... on this


Da Log

Week 1:  6-12 Week 2:  13-19 Week 3:  20-26 Week 4:  27-31
Boot Camp *NEW*  Intelligence *NEW*  Weapons Check ???

da short and sweet version


         01.27.02    ==>         *NEW*   Week 2  has been updated with pictures up to Tuesday the 15th.
                                                               Week 3  is *BRAND SPANKING NEW* however only the log is filled.
                                                               Pictures to come soon... =|;?)

         01.21.02    ==>                             Week 1   and    Week 2  have been updated with LOTS of pictures.   Week 1
                                                               is almost totally complete.  For week 2 only Sunday is updated with pictures.
                                                               The rest of the days are only text. Check it out.

         01.19.02    ==>                             Week 2  is complete.  Check it out.


         01.28.02    ==>          *NEW*   "EUREKA!... We've just had our FIRST collective idea!!"

         01.27.02    ==>                             "Yeah... what day is it?"