"Not My Will...
But Thine..."
"This Path I Tread...
I Tread Alone..."

"I Sometimes Dream...
That One Day, Happiness Creeps My Way..."
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A Moment in Time

Caught aback, one blinks
Again, he peeks
An angel perceived
Yet human, he sees
Her eyes, intense
A gaze content,
Her smile, so wild
Exotic like the Nile
Rich flowing hair
No doubt, she's rare
The very curves of her face
A tantalizing trace...
A simple glimpse,
And a heartbeat skips,
For A Moment in Time,
He's moved to rhyme...

- dranem05

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That One

Taken by her gaze,
   Mesmerized by her gait,
What Beauty I See,
   Manifest before me.
Strength and Poise,
   Elegance and Grace,
A Woman so Sweet,
   A Miracle Indeed.
Firm yet Gentle,
   Unbreakable yet Fragile,
A Brilliant Vessel,
   And Purer than Crystal.
A Perfect Package,
   Full of Mystery and Mirth.
The question lingers on,
    Will ever I find that one...

- dranem05

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