"Not My Will...
But Thine..."
"This Path I Tread...
I Tread Alone..."

"I Sometimes Dream...
That One Day, Happiness Creeps My Way..."
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Who would have thought
This thing could result
From the loss of a ring
A friendship it'd bring

A crazy place
This world we grace
Where the commonplace
Sparks many a face

What can I say?
It's an amazing display
God works...
In mysterious ways

Instead of a craze
Or running a maze
A Blessing emerged
In spite of my daze

- dranem05

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A Moment in Time

Caught aback, one blinks
Again, he peeks
An angel perceived
Yet human, he sees
Her eyes, intense
A gaze content,
Her smile, so wild
Exotic like the Nile
Rich flowing hair
No doubt, she's rare
The very curves of her face
A tantalizing trace...
A simple glimpse,
And a heartbeat skips,
For A Moment in Time,
He's moved to rhyme...

- dranem05

     Lone Warrior
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The Nights...
The Days...
They drift...
They fly...
Through All...
The Mind...
It Wanders...
It Ponders...
The Drifter...
The Dreamer...
The Days...
The Nights...

- dranem05

     A Birthday
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Today makes Twenty,
Twenty years of Life.
A dozen and eight,
The number of your fingers...
And mine Interlaced.
Twenty years since you left
that womb so bright,
Bringing joy to many,
Sharing your light.
A special day for you,
And the first for me,
The first one we share
Since April...
When first shall we meet?

- dranem05

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That One

Taken by her gaze,
   Mesmerized by her gait,
What Beauty I See,
   Manifest before me.
Strength and Poise,
   Elegance and Grace,
A Woman so Sweet,
   A Miracle Indeed.
Firm yet Gentle,
   Unbreakable yet Fragile,
A Brilliant Vessel,
   And Purer than Crystal.
A Perfect Package,
   Full of Mystery and Mirth.
The question lingers on,
    Will ever I find that one...

- dranem05

     Pops Above
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Psalm to Pops

From Deep Within
    Emotion Erupts
Surging in Truth
    And Genuine, A Must.

For You, O God,
    Are Worthy and True
Lavishing Grace
    On We, Your Crew.

Love Abounds
    For We Have Found
The Source From Whom
    All Things May Sound...

    Be to You
Pops Above
    Worthy and True.

- dranem05

     Pops Above
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True Love

Oh How Great,
To Find True Love.
It Grasps You Like No Other,
It Cherishes Your Every Word.
You Cannot Help
But Allow A Smile,
To Etch Its Way,
Across Your Face.
As Joy Abounds,
Through and Through,
Stop And Realize,
It's Always Been True.
He Layed Down His Life,
What Greater Love Can There Be?
Jesus Christ,
He Loves You and Me.

- dranem05

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The Crystal Slips

  Through My Hands
      The Crystal Slips.
  So Perfect,
       So Pure,
      The Crystal Slips.
  My Mind A Jumble
      The Crystal Slips.
  My Words Lack Form
      The Crystal Slips.
  My Actions, Bizarre
      The Crystal Slips
  It Never Fails
      The Crystal...
          It Slips...

- dranem05

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I gaze into your eyes
I remember first contact
I remember Longing
Your advice... always nice
Happiness do you bring
Your voice --
    A blanket of Compassion
Angelic... you seem
        My eyes doth Deceive...

And Angelic... thou art

- dranem05

     Valentines Day
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He Who Holds

To You This Day
I Hope and Pray
That He Who Holds
Thy Heart May Say
The Things To You
That Ring True
And Carry You
On Heaven's Cue

- dranem05

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tHe dRink

yOu lOok aRound
pEople hAvin' fUn
gRaspin' a cUp
iN tHeir hAnds
fIlled wIth lIquid
yEllow aNd hOrrid
sOmetimes cOlorless
aT tImes oDorless
yOu sEe sMiles aNd lAughter
gUys aNd gIrls
tOo bAd iT's fAlse,
tHe fEelings tHey're fEelin'
a mIst aNd eMpty.
tHe cUp tHey hOld,
tHeir gAteway tO bLiss
wIll tHey eVer fEel,
eVer eXperience,
tHat wHich iS
gEnuine hAppiness?

- dranem05

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a sOlution

gEnuine lIke tHe mOrning dEw,
wIthout tHe fOg oF tHe bRew.
tHe eUphoric bLiss oF kNowing,
tHrough yOur life yOu aRe sHowing,
hAppiness wIthout tHe dRink.
jUst tHink!
sEarch dEep iNside,
sHow yOur pOwer, yOur pRide.
yOu aLone cOntrol yOur fAte
tHe dRink wOn't oPen tHe gAte.
wHen tHe dRink iS gOne,
yOu aWake fRom tHe dReam.
aNd iF yOur hAppy wIth sElf,
tHe sMiles wIll rEmain,
lAughter wIll mAintain.
jOy nEver eNding....
gEnuine hAppiness

- griffon

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