Yea Yea Yea!!!!     Can you say... REVAMPED!!!
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>   That's right!  My own DOMAIN!!!  Watch out there now!  A few quick updates before I go into what has changed on this site:

- Received my Masters from MIT back in 09.04.... YEAH!!!!
- Started working at the C. S. Draper Laboratory in September 2004
- Went to E3 in LA back in May 2005 (HOT!)
- Kicked off a blog about a week or so ago
- Gotten someone extremely special in my life...
- And I'm still reppin' Pops Above giving Him the big UPS!

>   There are a lot of things that have changed or will change on this site (and some that are so embarassingly ancient... wow... heh heh).  Here are some developments:

- The poems spot is fully updated (less a tidbit and some new entries)
- The advice section is getting there (active category: all)
- The projects cave is pretty much complete (less new caverns)
- Everything else... needs major updating... major...
- .... .... *especially* the ancient stuff... MAN!!!

>   There you have it!  Until next update (promise it won't be one or two years down the road as has been my custom), snoop around and have a blast!  And spread the word, has launched!

>   OH!  Almost forgot, that guestbook went kaput, so don't bother clicking on it until further notice ;-D instead, shoot me an e-mail!  Reach me at dranem05 [@] alum [.] mit [.] edu.  Looking forward to it!  Meanwhile, live life to the fullest!  Make the most of every opportunity!  And be blessed!

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>   Yup.....STILL Highly overdue for an update, as you can see... heh heh, but in other news....

>   So I graduated on June 9, 2003 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..... YEAH!!!!  But I also got into the Master's Program so I'll be stickin' around this joint for another crucial year, WORD!  My work will be at the Media Lab, one of the hottest joints ever.  I'll post kool stuff later.

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>   Highly overdue for an update, as you can see I have FINALLY begun the journey. See the nifty menu to the left ;)

>   The next update to happen.... is a good question, I will let you know here (there are tons... new poems, new art work, new pics, new scripture, and the list goes on and on and on...... EXCITING!!

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>   YES PEOPLE! I have actually updated this site! Now that my old old...OLD laptop is up and running, I now am able to work on this bad boy often. Anywho, see below!

>   I am currently creating a projects site that will contain various HOT projects I have or am currently working on.  The one to check out NOW is the 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Project.  This competition is going on right now at MIT.  This site will be updated daily with new photos of daily progress as well as summaries.  Be sure to check this often. - we are building the robots out of legos!!!

>   Things to look for in the near future.

1. The pics page will be updated ENORMOUSLY! Yes, I have tons of new pics. These include pics from summer 2001, formals, breaks, etc etc etc. You just have to watch for the update.
2. The Scripture page will soon be updated as well. Note, there will be a huuuge gap from August till now.
3. The Jiu Jitsu site will soon actually have stuff!!
4. There will be a additions to the Poems page as well. Sumtim like... 4 or 5 more. Mmhmmm
5. The music page has tons of updating needing done (I've got lots more music).

>   Man oh man, exciting =|;?)

>   SHOUT OUT to Ashley!!! Out there at Villanova U! HOLLA HOLLA!!

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>   The Sketches page has been updated.  You should check it out.  It now also includes color graphics and spans 4 pages.

>   I am also currently creating a Jiu Jitsu

page. It doesn't really have much yet but will pretty soon.
>   The Scripture page has not been updated. There are some missing towards the middle and all after 12/13/00.

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>   The Scripture page has been updated up to 12-13-00 (some are missing however)

>   Da GUESTBOOK needs some messages my friends. Come on now, Sign away!! =|;?)

>   I am thinking about breakin this page up into different websites since the topics on this site are vast and abounding.  Soon to come

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>   New page, very early stages CoMiCs

>   I now have a GUESTBOOK!!!  Sign away =|;?)

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This site is under major reconstruction, or at least renovations. Everything is being changed in some way shape or form, and new information is being added. My resume is outdated, then again, it works only in internet explorer.  I am having some technical difficulties with Netscape Navigator (it blows the fonts all out of proportion).  However, everything else may be viewed in either Netscape or IE. The SCRIPTURE page is now almost totally up to date. It has every Scripture email I've sent out thus far up until October 6th. There are new links within that page so that a specific Scripture message can be reached according to date. The most renovated page though is the MUSIC page which can be reached via this link or under the interests. I've put up more selections and albums along with pictures of the covers. Check it out. I also now have a brand new counter, very exciting, it is located at the bottom right of this page, and the top left of the scripture page. Have fun. OH, and if you have any comments about anything, feel free to email me. The address is up above.

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